Sunday 23 July 2017
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How to Choose a Trustworthy Personal Statement Writing Service Online

If you’re looking to land yourself the job that you’ve always wanted, having a professional-looking personal statement in place is agreatstep to begin. Your personal statement will be one of the first things that potential employers will want to take a look at, and if your statement is leaving a lot to be desired, you may wish to take a look at a professional personal statement writing service instead. With this particular service, you can provide the writers with the information that they need to know about you, and you can then sit back and let them create a professional-looking statement, that will be sure to impress potential employers and further education outlets.

The problem with these services is that there are a lot of frauds, so to ensure you go with the real deal, here’s a look at a few tips to help you choose a trustworthy personal statement writing service online.Image result for How to Choose a Trustworthy Personal Statement Writing Service Online

Ask to read samples – First up, when you contact a writing service provider, it doesn’t matter how large or how small the company may be, they should have plenty of samples on hand to show you, as that will be one of the things that will sway your decision in deciding whether to go with them, or with somebody else. When you contact a personal statement writing service, after asking to read samples, if they are unable to provide them, or if they are hesitant, this may serve as a warning, due to the fact that they either don’t have samples because they aren’t established, or because they know their services are not up to the standards that you may have been expecting.

Read samples – Assuming they are able to provide you with samples, take the time to read through them and see what you think. A well constructed personal statement should be formatted professional and should be engaging, it should look professional, and it should be free from spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. You may be okay with looking the other way with the odd missing comma here and there, but if you are coming across error after error, the “writing” service is obviously not up to the mark, so you should find somebody that is.

Read reviews – Any established business, especially those based online, should have plenty of reviews under their belts, so when you’re looking for a writing service, once you have the names of a few potential service providers, take the time to look for reviews online, left by previous customers. If there are no reviews, this could be fishy as they may have been negative and so the company could have had them removed. Plus, without reviews, you have no idea how they operate, so you’re basically working blind.

Engage with the writers – If possible, speak to the writers on the phone, via Skype, or face to face and see what your gut instinct tells you. If the writers are hesitant to engage with you one on one, it could be because they have something to hide. As unethical as it may sound, there are plenty of fraudsters out there, who claim to be based in the US, yet they are actually located on the other side of the world, meaning English is not their native language.

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