Sunday 23 July 2017
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Fighting Homesickness Freshman Year


For some starting college is a breeze.  They make friends easily, settle into classes and even thrive in the new responsibility and social life balance that college presents.  Many other students however don’t fare so well.  Missing home is totally natural.  I mean, home is this great place where mom makes dinner, we have tons of friends, our lives aren’t confined to a tiny space that we have to share with another person.  The transition can be tough.  The important thing is to make sure that you aren’t letting it ruin your college experience.  Below are a few tips for improving your situation if you’ve got a bad case of homesickness.

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  • Make New Friends – Friends are 100% the most important element to having a great college experience. Your friends are the ones that are going to order late night pizza with you when you’re feeling lonely, or will take you to a great party when all you want to do is call home.  Concentrate a good amount of time building up a support network on campus for yourself.  You’ll find that there’s nothing wrong with having 2 families, one in your hometown and one on campus.
  • Fight The Urge To Call Home – When we’re homesick our immediate urge is to call home and talk to mom or dad or a sibling, but sometimes its best to cut the cord for a bit and allow yourself to feel lonely for a bit on your own. Eventually you’ll go into self preservation mode figure out a way to make yourself happy on your own without the comfort of your parents.

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  • Ask For A Care Package – Parents love putting together care packs for their college kids. Have mom fill up a box of some of your favorite things from home.  Maybe you’re missing that Carmel corn from a special store in your hometown, or perhaps you’d like a photo of your kid sister’s birthday party that you missed to frame on your desk.  Your parents want you to succeed at college.  Just tell them you need a little pick-me- up.
  • Be Patient – Sometimes things don’t come easily for everyone. Give it time…or as they say, give it the old college try!

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