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Essential Apps for Dyslexic Students in the Back-to-School Program Guide

The summer fun is about to end, and probably now, the students are in endless thoughts of essays, reading assignments, school activities, and worksheets.

For students with dyslexia, the process could be a more daunting experience. This is specifically true, especially with school works relating to reading and writing such as research paper writing among others. It is undeniably a challenging procedure for them. Thus, it lessens the enjoyment that they should experience while in school. Fortunately, with the discovery of Assistive Technology (AT) and all other helpful school services like the research paper writing service, everything comes easier and smoother for the children. This effective solution has the ability to reduce stress and provide children a greater sense of academic independence.  

In addition, there are a lot of schools today that cover technology into the classroom. Hence, the students are also increasingly utilizing their own smart devices. The optimized built-in accessibility features of these smart devices such as dictation, text-to-speech, and word prediction among other attributes of the mobile operating systems have been immensely useful for dyslexic students. Now, there are all kinds of AT-related applications streaming in the Apple App Store and the Google Play App Store that have a higher level of assistance.Related image

This essential guide will provide the families and the teachers the right and appropriate information about the applications that can highly aid students in demonstrating their knowledge as well as in reading, studying and writing. The recent price of each app is noted along with its respective developer and availability for platforms such as iOS and Android. Yet some apps may seem quite expensive for you, but be reminded that most developers would operate a series of back-to-school sales at the start of the academic year.

Reading Applications That You Can Avail

Reading is ultimately a gateway to knowledge. Students with dyslexia may find it frustrating to decode and comprehend written words. This sometimes can get them away from learning. Applications that have a read text aloud feature with highlighted words as they utter them can definitely help in removing the decoding procedure, therefore making it a more desirable and more productive experience.

Some apps can also read PDF documents loudly. Additionally, there are also applications that can convert images of text to readable text by optical character recognition. Moreover, there are also specialized apps that can read text loudly through employing recorded human voices. Below are some of these wonderful reading applications.

  • ClaroPDF

Uses Claro Software and available for iOS, and the current price is $ 3.99. Its key features include annotation tools, audio and video notes addition, Dropbox integration, and text-to-speech with synchronized highlighting characteristic.

  • Google Play Books

This is a free app from the Google App Store for Android device users. Its key features include annotation tools and integrated text-to-speech that has a read aloud attributes and synchronized highlighting.

  • KNFB Reader

A Sensotec NV app that is made available in the Apple Play Store for $99.99 that features visual options for converted text, text-to-speech with synchronized highlighting, and fast OCR. It is a cost-effective app that your child should opt to get.

  • Learning Ally Audio

From Learning Ally for iOS devices, free, but you need to register for membership. It has the same prerequisite for Android devices. It gives you access to VOICE textbooks, human narration synced to printed. It has the ability to adjust the appearance of the text and the reading speed.

Other Reading Applications you can avail with its price.

    • Natural Reader– $9.99 for iOS and free for Android
    • OCR Instantly Pro – $ 7.99 for Android
    • Pocket – free for both Android and iOS
    • Prizmo – $9.99 for iOS
  • Shakespeare in Bits – $14.99 for every play, only for iOS
  • Talk-Text to Voice – $ 2.80 for Android
  • vBookz – $4.99 for iOS
  • vBookz PDF Voice Reader – $4.99 for iOS and free for Android
  • Voice Dream Reader – It is only $9.99 for iOS. For Android users, it’s coming soon.

Writing Applications You Can Get

Writing can be a daunting experience for some students. Nonetheless, it can be more difficult for students with dyslexia. The written expression can be hindered by complexities in spelling, and in employing the correct and proper grammar. It can also be hard to remember desired words. The good thing with the mobile devices today is that there are applications that use highly integrated tools for contextual spelling and grammar checking, dictation, word prediction, and word retrieval that can make the writing procedure easier and smoother. Here are some of the writing applications you can get for your child.

  • Co:Writer

It has an auditory feedback, Dropbox integration, flexible spelling, Google Drive integration, and topic dictionaries. You can get this for only $19.99 and only available for iOS devices.

  • Ginger Page

It is free for both iOS and Android. Its key features include contextual spelling and grammar checking, integrated dictionary and thesaurus, rephrasing tool, and text-to-speech for proofreading.

  • Google Keyboard

It’s a free app for Android devices. Its key features include dictation and word prediction.

  • iWordQ

It is only for $24.99 and available for iOS devices. It includes auditory feedback, ability to export text to other apps, creative spelling, and usage examples.

Other writing applications you can get with their corresponding prices.  

  • Keeble Keyboard – $7.99 for back-to-school sale. Available for iOS devices. It is highly customizable with auditory feedback and multiple options for word prediction.
  • Snap Type Pro – $3.99 for iOS platform, and has the ability to use Assistive Technology to answer worksheet questions.
  • Spell Better – $49.99 for iOS devices. It has multiple options for auditory feedback and integrated contextual spellchecker. It also has rich-text formatting.
  • Voice Dream Writer – $9.99 for the iOS operating system. It includes the ability to find words with definitions and phonetic spellings and automatically-generated outlines as well as text-to-speech proofreading. It has also phonetic spellings.

Comprehensive Note-Taking and Study Skills Applications

Being able to take effective notes is extremely important for both students’ retention of new knowledge and preparation for quizzes and tests. For students with dyslexia, the most effective note-taking are those with multisensory in nature and mostly involve pictures and audio note, in addition.

  • Flashcards Deluxe

It is only $3.99 for both iOS and Android devices. It includes multiple card sides and integration with Quizlet Dropbox.

  • Mental Note

$4.99 for iOS devices, it has multiple visual options for notepaper, tags to organize notes and password protection for notes

  • Notability

It is only $5.99 for iOS platform. It has multiple options for creating and sharing multisensory notes and audio recording.

  • PaperPort Notes

It is free for iOS devices and includes multiple options for creating multisensory notes, OCR and Google Drive Integration.

  • Quizlet  

    Free for both iOS and Android. It has the ability to organize card decks into classes and folders.

There are also other multipurpose apps such as Adobe Voice, Inspirational Maps, Kidspiration Map, Mindmeister, and Read and Write Keyboard. These are multifunctional applications specifically designed for students with dyslexia.  

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